Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I want to sip Lambrusco in Mantua.

Last week I was invited to an Italian Tourism event highlighting the region of Lombardy, it’s food, wine, fashion, art, architecture…You know, all that is yummy, luxurious, creative Italian. The take away for me–visit Mantua.

This provincial Capitol, in the southeast foot of the Lombardy region, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Palazzo Ducale, a labyrinth of churches, piazzas, gardens and porticoes was built over five centuries, from the 13th to the 18th. Visiting it would make a pleasant morning adventure. Followed by picnic procurement at the Farmer’s Market, perhaps a stand-up espresso and some scarpe (shoe) shopping (I’m in Italy, shoe shopping is a must!) and then a nap. Dinner might start with pumkin tortelli, a regional specialty and Lambrusco of course.

The next day I’d hit Mantua’s wine trail (perhaps part of it on horseback or bike), check out the cellars, enjoy merlot, pinot, cabernet sauvignon… In the evening, Opera? The Regoletto festival continues through October. One week left…

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The New Made In Italy

The MSC Flagship Poesia was the venue for an Italian fete Saturday called "Italian Creativity On Board." I went with my pal Cindy Bigras a fellow GoNOMAD writer. She was speaking about Sardinia on behalf of the Italian Tourist board. I was basically working the crowd (largely Italian speaking), eating, drinking and being enticed once again to go to Italy. This time Piedmont was calling, the slopes in particular...

Luncheon was followed by a gorgeously lush fashion show by the acclaimed Italian designer Raffaella Curiel. Although she's been selling her work through Bergdorf's since 1965, this was her first American fashion show. It was divine.

Heading up town via orange Mini Cooper convertible to drinks on the rooftop of the Gansevoort was another welcome, "I love New York" moment. The Italians; they do know how to have a good time.