Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What to Pack, Hamptons

I recently was hired to help one of my clients pack for Rome. We had a great time delving into her closet in search of just the right pieces to use to create several outfits that would be perfect for her Roman Holiday. As with any client, I took pictures of the outfits and created a Style Guide for her. I normally don't go to quite so much trouble for myself, but before going to the Hamptons I decided to take some picture so I could illustrate this process on my blog.

It all started with a favorite accessory that reminds me of the beach. It's a vintage necklace made of shells that has a breezy color combination, which reminds me of spring...
Using this as inspiration, I put together several outfits. I knew I'd need comfortable touring clothes as well as a dinner outfit or two. It wasn't going to be too warm so I'd need some cashmere and layers–camisoles were in order. I absolutely needed comfortable shoes and I didn't want to look like I was trying too hard so I was going for casual, but nice with a touch of wealth (and I don't mean money, I guess I mean class, but I don't like that word).
Below is what went in the bag...

Sunday, April 26, 2009


At my sons baseball game yesterday a fellow mom asked me about my spring break vacation. I told her we were in the Hamptons and she asked me which Hampton I would recommend she go to with her family to relax and hangout. Without hesitation, I said Bridgehampton. First off, it seemed really manageable, a little stretch of interesting shops and classic restaurants right on Montauk Hwy.

Two places in particular captured our attention. Marders on Snake Hollow Road and Maison 24. Marders' address alone describes this enchanting gardener's paradise. The structure is an old
tobacco barn moved to the site years ago. The grounds are extensive and beautiful. Even if gardening isn't your thing, you can't help but appreciate the abundance of cool/useful/romantic stuff at this store!

Maison 24 has captured an unexpected niche out here.
Antique stores,and traditional interiors seem to dominate domain stores in the Hamptons and Maison 24 is groovy down. It reminded us of our good friends Brigitte and Andre
of flowmoderndesign in LA. An unexpected and welcome surprise in the Hamptons, Maison 24 was also fun for the kids to poke around in and the owners were open and friendly.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Feed The Budgies...

Several tiny pricks coupled with a weightless vibration for a split second, on the tip of your fingers... It's a budgie and he's eating from your hand. Go to Morton National Wildlife Refuge off Noyack road in Sag Harbor. Be sure to get bird seed at Crommers Market to feed the budgies. The hike to the beach is a visual salad of grasses, sand, sea, sticks and trees. It's beautiful, a real nature moment, one I'll always remember.

James, our the mussel man, tried mussels at almost every restaurant we went to. He gave, Dockside Bar & Grill in Sag Harbor, a second place to Bobby Van's of Bridgehampton who won the mollusk contest. Dockside has a groovy/cool wharf vibe, that I thought was very stylish.
Bobby Van's, well, for those prices, you better taste and feel like you're a guest at the Hampton Classic. We liked it but be prepared, there is a lot of swagger, seeing and being

Signs of the day...

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bohemia in the Hamptons

Thursday's agenda had us feeding ducks and swans at East Hampton's, Duck Pond just off of David's Lane. I've never seen a swan run across the water and hydroplane to a landing. It mimics jet propulsion and landing to a tee. We delighted in this activity and it's free! There is bionafied knight buried in the neighboring graveyard. You can't miss his elaborate resting place, a must see for romantics of all ages.

Next stop was Srings General Store. Here, Jackson Pollock traded one of his paintings for food. We ordered up some fancy deli sandwiches and picnicked in the field next to the store. Be sure to walk down to the water just behind the picnic area. You'll capture a beautiful water-color view.

Pollock-Krasner House is just up the road from the Spring store and we did a quick photo op there. Later in the year there are tours of the house and barn where Pollock "splattered" his masterpieces.

After lunch we headed for Louse Point. I think Susan explained this sliver of land best, "The Atlantic Sea collides with the Long Island Sound and gives a wild home to Black Cormants, Box Turtles, Sea Plovers, Osprey and more. Not many people know about Louse Point and it almost feels like a throw-back to the Florida Keys."

Friday, April 10, 2009

Colonial Williamsburg meets East Hampton

Seeking a respite after a blustery afternoon of sea air and exploring, we happily exhaled and relished the cozy setting and food of this revolutionary era hide-away.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hamptons Bound, Off Season

Armed with a list of activities, pit stops, and restaurant to try, we have ventured fourth Out East to Eastern Long Island, NY– East Hampton, if we want to sound tony, Wainscott, if we want to be very specific about which Hampton and sound local, which we do. For the next couple days I'll be postings some photos primarily by my photographer/designer husband, Thomas Bricker, that will give you some ideas about interesting things to do in The Hamptons when you can actually get accommodations and pay an off season rate.

Before I get started, I've got to give credit where credit is do. This insider's list comes from Susan Slover and Rosemary Kuropat of the design firm, Slover and Company. Not only does Slover and Co. sign my husband's paychecks, it is also a funnel for his exceptional creative talent and watering hole to gifted designers and savvy clients alike. Our friends Susan and Rosemary have offered us the comfort of their Wainscott home, a swank shelter artfully decorated and personally adorned with still lifes in every direction. And it is their LIST!

Southampton, The Parish Art Museum. Small museum,
small time commitment.
Be sure to check out the Roman Emperors in the garden and crown one of your own.

The Southamton Historical Museum, a half block from the Parish, this museum is a window through time into Southamton's yesteryear.
Stroll by chic, simple shops and spots flanking the museum in almost every direction.

Inside museum photos to follow...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

From New York City to Korea, Just Over the Bridge

In College Point, NY, that's Queens everybody, there is mega Korean Spa, called Spa Castle. My sister and I spent four hours there recently. We became aquainted with this five story, 60,000 square foot facility, but we just scratched the surface of what they had to offer! Decked in our Spa Castle issue, orange and pink gym shorts and tops, we headed for Sauna Valley on the second floor.

Big questions here: Should we start with the Gold Sauna, or the Jade Sauna? Do we do the Ice Land sauna between the various saunas, or just at the end? What about the Mineral Salt Sauna or the color therapy sauna, called the LED Suana, which utilizes color to promote good health and psychological discomforts? We did them all. Not for very long, but long enough to appreciate being enveloped by the warmth, relaxation and beauty of these other-worldly saunas. Imagine lying on the floor in a dome of gold or jewels, stepping into a room of color radiating here and there, smelling the cleansing air of salt and minerals in still another.

After our foot massage and sushi lunch, it was time to do water or have water do us! We opted for the multitude of jacuzzis in the ladies only lounge. Butt naked, with only hand towels for coverage, we sallied forth into the Lemon Bath, Water Body Jet chairs, steam room and ice bath. Okay we didn't do the ice bath...

Spa Castle also has water on the roof! A huge assortment of pools and jacuzzis overlooking the Whitestone Bridge. There are seated or standing Medi Spas with things called Power Leg Jet, Dream Jet and
Couple Jet. Sounds interesting, I'll have to come back with my husband.