Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fall 2010, Fast Fashion, The Shows and Your Wardrobe

Okay, I was wrong about the weather. While it was rainy and cold here in Cali last week, it is just gorgeous here now. I guess we all spend so much time talking about the weather because it really does make a difference to our psyche. That's why everyone seems to be in a better mood out here–no grumpy sales clerks or deli managers.

It's been snowing in New York and I bet the folks at the Bryant Park fashion shows are slugging it out in the name of all that is chic. There's an article in the WSJ today about designers showing "more wearable" clothes on the runways; good for commerce, not so good for art.

Another article talks about labels trying to circumvent "fast fashion" chain stores from getting knock-off designer looks on their racks before the "real thing" hits the stores. What bugs me is this promotes a false sense of urgency to purchase ASAP–7 months early, in fact. I believe in careful curating of your wardrobe; really thinking about purchases ahead of time, analyzing what will extend or "add to" your wardrobe direction and considering how purchase will enhance a style you want to flirt with.

My advice: Check out the fall shows via the internet. It's fun. Take stock of what you're wearing right now–this winter. Are some pieces wall flowers? Are some getting too much play? Do classics need replacing? Is there something you're dying for? Now, plan for fall and next winter. It's a buyers market as they say in real estate. No need for stupid impulse buys. Trends can be had in almost any price range and designing your wardrobe should be both fun and serious business!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Going back to Cali!

It's mid-winter break for the kids and we'll be spending the week in the O.C. Sadly, the TV show isn't terribly off-base in their depiction of the "Housewives Of," BUT that isn't the whole story. There is so much more to So. Cal than botoxed babes! We plan to do our favorite things:

• Escape this NY cold

• Kids will do Disney, I'm taking a pass on that (perhaps a spa day at Spa Gregorie's with my Mom?)

• Peruse South Coast Plaza, a mall equal to Madison Avenue

• Eat lots of Mexican Food

• Dinner with Travel Gals, Brigitte and Jody– see my story on our trip to Temecula. We'll be planning another.

• Laguna, for yoga on the beach, gilato and seaside shopping.

• Huntington Beach, another food/shop spot (yes, we eat a lot) BJ's Pizookie, that's a pizza/cookie. Can't go back to NY without downing one of those.

• My Mom's pizza. Too bad I don't have a link for that because it's fantastic.

What to wear? Something warm. Yes, it is cold in Cali now. And comfortable. This does not mean Uggs to me, but it seems to for the rest of the world. And Hip. I just turned another year older. I'm hip, dammit.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Paul Frank - Going Back to Cali

When I was about 14 I had a yellow cruiser. This is a low speed, high style bike. Meant for cruising a beach boardwalk, the bike's fat comfortable seat and easy-to-reach handle bars give you a mellow, lay back ride. Walking into The Paul Frank Store in Nolita, NYC brought me back to my cruiser days. It was weird to be in this store on Mulberry street because I associate the brand with all that is California. The label began in a garage in Huntington Beach, CA, very near Irvine, where I grew up. Paul Frank's poppy graphics just make you want to hang five or ten; toes over skateboard, or surfboard, or how about fingers around a La Sirena taco or margarita! The designs are for all ages, although tweens and teens probably feel a little more at ease sporting that silly (but cool) monkey.

I'm planning a Style Tour to Nolita in early spring and I may try to fit The Paul Frank Store into our itinerary. It will still be cold and it might be a great way to dive into sunny California (if even for a moment)!

Can you tell I'm already tired of winter...?