Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mad Bomber, Much Admired

Yesterday we went skiing at Jiminy Peak. The last time I skied was on a press trip hosted by Ski Utah. It was an all girls trip and we covered three different Utah resorts. Check out my story at Naturally, I wasn't expecting much from this Berkshire Mountain compared to the Rockies. I was pleasantly surprised.

Jiminy Peak's base services, layout, friendly instructors, and ski techs, made the gearing up processes almost okay. Speaking of gearing up, skiing is one of those sports where you really wish you had a Sherpa. You're haling so much gear and expending so much effort for snippets of joy and exhilaration. Especially if you are a beginner–the case with my family and many of the friends in our group. The post skiing conversations of spills, chills and trills, reminded me of beginning the sport and why I love it so much now.
The day also gave me and my daughter a chance to break out our Mad Bomber hats. The original Mad Bomber, Brent Reynolds, is a friend of mine from college. Back in the day, Brent made several trips to China where he would fill suitcases with interesting jewelry, trinkets and hats. He would then sell his wares to kids on campus–mostly pretty sorority girls. Finally, he honed in on the hats and created the Mad Bomber company. He was, and still is, pretty much of a nut for skiing and adventure, but with excellent business sense and cultural savvy to boot. The hats are perfect for skiing and they are also stylish head gear for winter travel, city jaunts or suburban kid pick-ups. They always make me smile when I put one on.

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