Sunday, May 10, 2009


I'm seeing a lot of animal prints these days... Not so much on the streets, but in mags. I think it takes guts to wear them well, and some forethought. Here are some rules incase you want to head for the jungle. And I suggest you do!

  • Pick one thing, and only one thing, to wear at a time in animal print. Wearing more than one animal print can look like a safari gone terribly wrong.
  • Do not wear colored animal prints. If you can't find it in nature, you shouldn't find it in your closet!
  • Go easy on accessories. Choose bigger pieces that overpower the print, essentially putting a larger accessory on top of a smaller print, or vise-versa. You don't want both the print and the accessory to be the same scale.
  • Some things just don't work in animal print: pants, leggings, most knits, sheets!
  • Choose good fabrics, silks, leather–I like faux pony skin jackets, especially in Utah.
  • Be careful of the "Married to the Mob" look. Simple is always better. Wear your print without chewing gum or big hair...
Photo: WSJ, Ask Teri, Lafayette 148 New York

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Thomas Bricker said...

No Cheetah sheets?
Just when I was getting ready to get my inner Shaft on...