Friday, September 18, 2009

Fashion Week, Fashion Hour

It's fashion week in New York City. On Wednesday I was within viewing distance of the Bryant Park tents. I've had my fair share of runway shows; under the tents, in showrooms, the Puck Building even West-side parking lots. It's fun to partake in the hoopla. I remember once seeing a New York Public Library security guard refusing Anna Wintour access to a show. I was secretly pleased. Finally, someone next to me said, "You really ought to let her in, she's really important." I think Wintour was sort of embarrassed, she smiled sheepishly. The guard dropped the velvet rope, glowering at us all.

If you can't "do" the shows, let me recommend the ICP, International Center of Photography. Right now there is a stunningly curated Richard Avedon show that I would cautiously venture to say, is better fashion then anything you'll see under the tents. After quickly calculating that we'd still be able to make the 6pm train home, my daughter and I ducked in and were instantly caught up in a fashion-glamour moment (hour, really) of our very own making. The exhibit, Avendon Fashion 1944-2000 features some of his most famous and obscure fashion photos. Sadly, the show closes this Sunday, but there is a catalog/book, although that is never quite the same, is it?

Located on 6th and 43rd street, the ICP is a clean and convenient space, a very manageable museum, and I've chastised myself and my photographer husband for not being members! Our new years resolution, yes it is new years, we have kids, is to join!

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