Thursday, March 11, 2010

Padua, A University Town

Back in October I blogged several times about a terrific trip I took to the Veneto region of Italy. The Italian Government Tourist Board hosted the trip and I went to both represent and to write a story for GoNOMAD. We visited some wonderful towns in the Veneto and it was hard to decide just which one made the “stand out” story. In fact they all did! I could have written about Vicenza, the “theatre-city," mecca of Palladian architecture, or fashionable Treviso, of course there is also Venice, which speaks volumes and is a visual paradise. (From the picture above you can see that even an amateur photographer takes pictures like a professional in Venice!) In the end, I settled on Padua, a University town, I’d like to MOVE to! Here is the story.

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