Monday, November 15, 2010

The Stylish Swiss Old Lady

When I’m older, I’d like to be Swiss. They are stylish bread, the Swiss old lady. She’s got her sturdy shoes; low heals, just heavy enough to withstand cobblestones, but not too clunky, junky. Her hosiery is sensible too, slightly thick for support and warmth. The calf length skirt she wears of a wool blend in an understated grey, camel or hunter, coupled with a cardigan or turtleneck are stylish choices meant to withstand time. She’s not changing her look from season to season, year to year. Then there is the scarf, silk, useful, beautiful.

I saw several of these iconic matrons during my trip to Switzerland last week. They impressed me mostly because they make such an effort to be “put together,” tidy, which is really the first step toward looking and feeling good.

One restaurant slash chocolate store in Vevey, Switzerland called Poyet, seemed to attract a well-dressed set, including my old-lady ideal. I wanted to know everyone’s story. The old man with the teenager, the elderly lady with bright orange hair and lipstick to match, the man with the velvet jacket reading the paper–they all had a tale. What’s more they seemed to be taking time to actually just sit, stare, listen and sip. It was a Tuesday afternoon almost rush hour, but no one was in a hurry.

Unfortunately, I couldn't surreptitiously grab a decent shot of any of these fine old ladies. So picture of the lovely Poyet and its chocolate will have to suffice.

Why not grab a silk scarf, slip into a straight long skirt, low heals and some pearls. Be traditional, worldly and timeless right now...A few suggestions below.

Swiss Matron Look

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