Thursday, December 16, 2010

Holiday Dress Ups! It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Lausanne, Switzerland was getting all gussied up for Christmas as I was leaving there just before Thanksgiving. On the shores of Lake Geneva, Lausanne is yet another Swiss town I would have liked to spend at least a week exploring, getting to know the ups and downs of its hilly streets, popping in to art galleries, museums and of course fashion hunting!

(They had an unusual snowstorm last month. Rare, because Lausanne is lakeside and with its balmy weather, it usually doesn’t experience snow accumulation. Check it out on Youtube. Those pillars dripping in white lights is the entrance to the Lausanne Palace & Spa–swank!)

I, however, had to head back to New York to jump back in to all things work and domestic. The luxurious trip back on Swiss Business gave me plenty of time to rest up for the crazy Christmas season approaching. What’s better than to spend a day in bed watching movies while charmingly accommodating, impossibly spiffy people provide you with outstanding service! It felt like my seat was my own little ultra-hip apartment. Everything essential was bedside and anything else I needed or wanted was “delivered.” Including Swiss wine and chocolates of course.

Back in New York I approached my clients with a “Holiday House Call” idea; I would put together a couple of fancy outfits using their own wardrobe and accessories to prep for holiday parties. These have been quick visits, and this elf has had a blast playing big-girl dress ups with party clothes. Sequins? Yes. Bobbles and beads? Yes. We channeled Coco, a little Marilyn and some Garbo. I grabbed for silvers and golds and those wonderful jewel tones so fine this time of year. Often, more was better. The Holidays generally aren’t for shy dressers, unless you’re doing that androgynous tux look–always in style, but you must add a red rose, if not to your lapel, then your hair...


Anonymous said...

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bye à la prochaine fois :-)

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