Sunday, February 22, 2009

Travel and Styling Gear: In Search Of A Stylish Backpack

For styling or for travel it's always great to have both hands free and the weight of your gear evenly distributed on your back. That's why trekkers, travelers, stylists, students and pretty much everyone, loves a good backpack. But a stylish one is hard to find. I ran across Stella McCartney's collection for LeSportsac and I like the backpacks and carry-on bags especially. With names like, City and Convertible Rucksack in colors like, Bark, Moss, Night and Stone, these bags will mix well with almost anything you're wearing and their gold details lend panache to what otherwise might be ordinary. I like the Canteen Bag too–a cute block shaped bag with great dimension, but we were talking backpacks.

Psst: I saw these bags on GiltGroup a designer sale site just the other day...
And they seem to be on sale at LeSportsac's site too.

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