Monday, August 24, 2009

Temecula Creek Inn

Brunch is a funny word. Technically it means a combo of lunch and breakfast, but often it is a big, bountiful, stuff yourself silly, mid-morning meal. That’s just what The Gals and I did at the Temecula Creek Inn. Overlooking a sprawling 27 hole golf course we grazed; made to order omelets, salmon in a puff pastry, seared tuna with the fixings–seaweed salad, wasabi and ginger, artisanal cheeses, eggs benedict... I’m not even scratching the surface! As for drinks, we needed caffeine, but the brunch sported a Bloody Mary bar,
Champaign and Mimosas.

The golfers in my family, Mom, Dad and brother, Michael, say Temecula Creek Inn is the golfing venue in Temecula. Mom and Dad have golfed throughout the world and they had nice things to say about the course in comparison to some others in Southern California. Michael likes a nice place and Temecula “rated” for him. Believe me, that’s saying a lot.

Us Gals aren’t golfers, but we agreed that we should take it up as we sat down with plate number TWO. That

morning eating seemed to be our sport of choice!

Friday Night Lights at Temecula Creek Inn starts at 5:30pm with nine holes of golf followed by an upscale buffet dinner. Then try your swing at an additional three

holes of glow in the dark golf ($85.00). This sounds like a blast for a girlfriend getaway, as does some of their other events and packages.

We liked the understated ranch-like feel of the Inn. Villas overlooking the course seamlessly blended with the

greens. Nice, because all too often the architecture surrounding a course can appear out-of-place, like Tiger Woods jumping horses.

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Looks like a wonderful place Cath can't wait to read the article on!