Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Blouse of a Different Color

Last night I was at a dinner party and the same blouse I was wearing came into to the room on a very attractive blond. We both graciously complimented each other, laughed a little and then segued into pre-dinner conversation over wine, spreads and nuts... It was a lovely evening made particularly special by hosts that obviously enjoy entertaining and are good at it!

Sarah and I were wearing a J. Crew ruffle blouse. The funny thing was I decided to wear it because I had run into our hostess, Christie, at J. Crew and later received an invitation from her to dinner. I figured since J. Crew prompted the invite, I should wear the top. Maybe Christie had run into Sarah at J. Crew too? Anyway, as I was making my purchases that day, I was asking myself, "Is it a mistake to buy from this brand?" After several years they've re-entered my lexicon. I've been liking their catalog and ads and I had seen a couple pieces in client's closets that I've liked. BUT the stores are everywhere and while they push the envelope on color choices (Sarah's blouse was black, mine is cream) in various styles, their designs are safe with broad appeal. It's mass, in a good way, but still, lots of the same stock to a broad customer base.

J. Crew stands out in their styling. They make relatively standard designs look great in the way they put the merch. together. I've made a long time career out of styling so I understand its magic. The trouble is, a nice ruffle, silk, sleeveless blouse, worn differently, by a blond or brunette, is still the same blouse at the same dinner party.

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Jody G said...

I work with a girl who is always in J. Crew. She is rail thin and 20-something. I have never ventured into the store because I thought us more mature girls who actually eat would not be flattered by these clothes. Am I wrong about this? Please set me straight MystylistCathie.