Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fashion in the Veneto

Italian women are very sexy. There is a confidence in their sexuality that many, most really, American women just don't possess. Often, when American women want to "look sexy" they either hit you over the head with it or it's too controlled–they don't take any chances. The Italian women I've seen the last couple days (in Verona, Treviso, Padova and Vincenza) dress. They must think about what they wear and calculate the impression it has on everyone else and they probably take their clothing choices into account no matter where they are going or what they are doing. Furthermore, it is not just young women I'm talking about. Middle-aged women are every bit in control of their sexuality and fashion as the young college students I saw in Padova. They're pushing the envelope on what might be appropriate, in a good way. An American woman might get a "double take" if she dawned that faux fur belted vest (I bought one)... but isn't that the point?


Stephanie Oswald said...

Okay, so I am a little biased, as I am your new BF, the editor of Travelgirl magazine. However, that said, Cathie, you made a grand statement for American women everywhere. Even before I met you, one look and I felt your style savvy. The fur belted vest will look fab in NY, I am certain. But the truth is, the women of Europe have something on us American girls... let's try to see what we can do about that! LOVE your blogs and will continue to read!

Cathie Arquilla said...

Thanks Stephanie! This travelgirl is all inspired by Italian fashion and your magazine. Next stop, St. Lucia. I'm sure there are several travelgirl items/tips that would be great for your mag. I'll be on the look out. It was great to have an unexpected girlfriend's getaway (even while working) with you.