Monday, November 9, 2009

Italy, 411

I'm hounded repeatedly by Max Hartshorne of GoNOMAD to blog, blog, blog. It builds community around your passions, for me that's style and travel, it promotes your business, that's MyStylist and travel writing, and it hones your editorial and writing skills. Unfortunately, I drop the "blog plate" sometimes. Last week, case in point. So here I am again, endeavoring to spin more blogs about my trip to the Veneto Region of Italy. Obviously, I'm back home, laundry is done, kids can once again hear my familiar nagging voice. Will they ever hang up their wet towels?

Before I get started on the "stylishly special" things about the region, I wanted to share with you some basic and very useful information about planning a trip to Italy:

You should know about The Italian Travel Promotion Council (ITPC). This is a trade organization of reputable American tour operators in Italy. These tour operators offer the best and most creative solutions for designing a memorable trip to Italy, taking their customer's interests and passions into account. You may ask, "Why engage a tour operator? Why not craft my own tour using the internet?" Entirely possible. BUT many, many people do not engage a stylist to help them with their wardrobe. However, if they did, the outcome would be better (shameless plug, I know)! AND using a tour operator doesn't necessarily mean you'll be paying more for your trip (using a good stylist can save you money too).

A few interesting tour operators I met during my trip that I highly recommend:

The Parker Company, Mario Scalzi is a big, burly, take charge guy who is going to rent you an Italian villa and take all your varied needs and wants into account while doing so.
Perillo Tours, admittedly I was skeptical about this well know brand, but Steve Perillo and his Italian counterpart, know their stuff. They're proud of the company's history and they've got a gold mind of institutional knowledge clients can benefit from.
The International Kitchen, I'm dying to try one of these tours. I personally enjoyed a lovely meal with these folks and if their hospitality at the table is as good as their tours, I'm sold. For anyone who loves to cook, eat and travel, check them out!
Distinctive Journeys International, no-nonsense Anna Pappas-Carroll crafts high-end custom tours to give you access to places of style, "distinction," and taste.

As with any travel planning, check out the government sponsored tourist links:

Italian Tourism and specific to the Veneto Region, Regione del Veneto

Expect several more MyStylist–Travel Advisories on the Veneto Region this week! And please comment!

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