Sunday, April 26, 2009


At my sons baseball game yesterday a fellow mom asked me about my spring break vacation. I told her we were in the Hamptons and she asked me which Hampton I would recommend she go to with her family to relax and hangout. Without hesitation, I said Bridgehampton. First off, it seemed really manageable, a little stretch of interesting shops and classic restaurants right on Montauk Hwy.

Two places in particular captured our attention. Marders on Snake Hollow Road and Maison 24. Marders' address alone describes this enchanting gardener's paradise. The structure is an old
tobacco barn moved to the site years ago. The grounds are extensive and beautiful. Even if gardening isn't your thing, you can't help but appreciate the abundance of cool/useful/romantic stuff at this store!

Maison 24 has captured an unexpected niche out here.
Antique stores,and traditional interiors seem to dominate domain stores in the Hamptons and Maison 24 is groovy down. It reminded us of our good friends Brigitte and Andre
of flowmoderndesign in LA. An unexpected and welcome surprise in the Hamptons, Maison 24 was also fun for the kids to poke around in and the owners were open and friendly.

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Max Hartshorne said...

Makes me wanna spend a weekend in the Hamptons!!