Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hamptons Bound, Off Season

Armed with a list of activities, pit stops, and restaurant to try, we have ventured fourth Out East to Eastern Long Island, NY– East Hampton, if we want to sound tony, Wainscott, if we want to be very specific about which Hampton and sound local, which we do. For the next couple days I'll be postings some photos primarily by my photographer/designer husband, Thomas Bricker, that will give you some ideas about interesting things to do in The Hamptons when you can actually get accommodations and pay an off season rate.

Before I get started, I've got to give credit where credit is do. This insider's list comes from Susan Slover and Rosemary Kuropat of the design firm, Slover and Company. Not only does Slover and Co. sign my husband's paychecks, it is also a funnel for his exceptional creative talent and watering hole to gifted designers and savvy clients alike. Our friends Susan and Rosemary have offered us the comfort of their Wainscott home, a swank shelter artfully decorated and personally adorned with still lifes in every direction. And it is their LIST!

Southampton, The Parish Art Museum. Small museum,
small time commitment.
Be sure to check out the Roman Emperors in the garden and crown one of your own.

The Southamton Historical Museum, a half block from the Parish, this museum is a window through time into Southamton's yesteryear.
Stroll by chic, simple shops and spots flanking the museum in almost every direction.

Inside museum photos to follow...

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