Sunday, April 5, 2009

From New York City to Korea, Just Over the Bridge

In College Point, NY, that's Queens everybody, there is mega Korean Spa, called Spa Castle. My sister and I spent four hours there recently. We became aquainted with this five story, 60,000 square foot facility, but we just scratched the surface of what they had to offer! Decked in our Spa Castle issue, orange and pink gym shorts and tops, we headed for Sauna Valley on the second floor.

Big questions here: Should we start with the Gold Sauna, or the Jade Sauna? Do we do the Ice Land sauna between the various saunas, or just at the end? What about the Mineral Salt Sauna or the color therapy sauna, called the LED Suana, which utilizes color to promote good health and psychological discomforts? We did them all. Not for very long, but long enough to appreciate being enveloped by the warmth, relaxation and beauty of these other-worldly saunas. Imagine lying on the floor in a dome of gold or jewels, stepping into a room of color radiating here and there, smelling the cleansing air of salt and minerals in still another.

After our foot massage and sushi lunch, it was time to do water or have water do us! We opted for the multitude of jacuzzis in the ladies only lounge. Butt naked, with only hand towels for coverage, we sallied forth into the Lemon Bath, Water Body Jet chairs, steam room and ice bath. Okay we didn't do the ice bath...

Spa Castle also has water on the roof! A huge assortment of pools and jacuzzis overlooking the Whitestone Bridge. There are seated or standing Medi Spas with things called Power Leg Jet, Dream Jet and
Couple Jet. Sounds interesting, I'll have to come back with my husband.

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