Sunday, April 19, 2009

Feed The Budgies...

Several tiny pricks coupled with a weightless vibration for a split second, on the tip of your fingers... It's a budgie and he's eating from your hand. Go to Morton National Wildlife Refuge off Noyack road in Sag Harbor. Be sure to get bird seed at Crommers Market to feed the budgies. The hike to the beach is a visual salad of grasses, sand, sea, sticks and trees. It's beautiful, a real nature moment, one I'll always remember.

James, our the mussel man, tried mussels at almost every restaurant we went to. He gave, Dockside Bar & Grill in Sag Harbor, a second place to Bobby Van's of Bridgehampton who won the mollusk contest. Dockside has a groovy/cool wharf vibe, that I thought was very stylish.
Bobby Van's, well, for those prices, you better taste and feel like you're a guest at the Hampton Classic. We liked it but be prepared, there is a lot of swagger, seeing and being

Signs of the day...

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